Our Recipes

We believe in processes optimized with tech. Have a look to our dedicated technologies and tailored methologies below.


1. Homa Lab

Analysing the app potential.
This technology is built to 10x the efficiency of the phases between ideation to publishing.

2. Homa Belly

One devkit to run them all.
SDKs can be a pain to integrate. 
Not Homa Belly. 1 SDK contains it all.

3. Homa Data

User Acquisition and Monetization on steroids.  We have built extensive ad-technologies to distribute and monetise the app in the best possible way.

First-class tech
and methodologies

The mobile gaming landscape is extremely competitive. Working with us will allow you to use the most advanced technologies of the market but also proven and results-driven methodologies

Explorers wanted

After submitting your prototype, a Publishing Manager will reach out to you to give feedback through a one on one session.

Preparing for the journey

Install our SDK and start iterating on your game to improve all the metrics: from cost of acquisition to retention and session times. We use our in-house technologies to make your app perfect. Leverage our knowledge through our e-learning hub and stay up to date with the latest of the Hypercasual market thanks to our Market Intelligence team.

Launch your hit

Once the KPIs are right, it’s time to tell the world about it and put your game to orbit. We will take the #1 spot and work together to stay there while being profitable.

1. Publishing manager
help you to ideate, improve, and test your game.
2. Game designer
provide guidance on how to improve gameplay and mechanics.
3. Creative ads expert
inscrease User Acquisition by launching creative Ad campaigns based on the latest trends.
4. UA and monetization manager
monetize your game and boost retention by combining our trusted ad partners’ technology.

You’re a game
developer ?

Our Squads are here for you.

Homa Games is a team of experts that will guide you through every step of your game development journey. We are able to provide you the best practices from years of experience, gathered through intensive data.

Our Squad will be part of your team that is ready from day one to test your game and improve your game’s KPIs in no time. You will build a real team relationship and will reach new milestones together. After your game launch, our Squad will provide constant support regarding the state of your game.


Jams at Homagames

We organize Game Jams with top universities, worldwide developers, and internally. Those moments are special for us because they boost creativity and teamwork. We cherish those experiences. Join us to share those moments.

Our internal jams and hackathons
Our First IP Hypercasual Game Jam & others

We are buidling up a fun-loving team of the best mobile game experts to entertain the world.

contact@homagames.com - Tel: +33 1 42 86 13 24
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