Attribution: What is it and why do you need it?

Homa Games
March 3, 2021

Whether or not you’re an indie or experienced developer, you’ve probably heard the word “attribution” thrown around a lot. Moreover you’ve probably wondered if you even need one? If you want to push your game into the top charts globally, you’ll need to acquire millions of users to your game through multiple user acquisition channels. If you’re only using one platform for your UA, you won’t necessarily need one, however when scaling your UA to include other networks it’s imperative you have an attribution system in place.

So what exactly is an attribution platform?

An attribution system is a piece of software integrated into your mobile game that tells you which user came from where. This doesn’t refer to only information regarding geos, device types and such, but more specifically which ad campaigns and networks were successful in converting them.

So why do I need an attribution system?

If you want your game to be positioned in top charts, you will need an attribution system in place. In mobile gaming, particularly for hypercasual games, your ROI is extremely sensitive and it’s crucial that your UA budget is being invested into the most effective campaigns and platforms. Not only is attribution critical in understanding the effectiveness of campaigns, it also identifies the quality of those users when it comes to their LTV. More importantly, attribution systems can also gather the cost and revenues from users and link them to corresponding networks, allowing you to have an elevated view of numerous campaigns and the priority of each.

Okay, I’m sold. But who should I go to for attribution?

Here at Homa Games, we have special partnerships with attribution systems already in place to ensure any future games we publish have extensive attribution data available. If you’re looking into integrating attribution, you can check out the below companies who are key players in the industry:

  •       Appslfyer
  •       Tenjin
  •       Kochava
  •       Adjust

Still unsure? Contact us directly at to chat with us more about attribution and how we can help make your next game a hit.

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