Border Patrol reaches #4 on the iOS US store!

Homa Games
February 26, 2021

Homa did it again. Their latest game Border Patrol reaches #4 on the iOS US store!

Over the past few weeks, Homa Games joined forces with Five Bits Inc. to once again bring you a top-charting game!

Border Patrol is one of the latest titles Homa Games has been working on, which has been generating impressive metrics and top chart positions!

Today, we're excited to share that Border Patrol, in collaboration with Five Bits Inc., has reached #4 in Free Games on the iOS US store! As well as #1 in the Roleplaying category, and, to top it off, top 10 Free Games on iOS all over Europe! 

One of the many things our Squad Chopi worked on was on creating top-performing creatives and playables with impressive IPM. Today we celebrate this success by reaching the top charts!

Check out what Border Patrol is all about! 👇

Border Patrol

Border Patrol is a funny, colorful game with smooth 3D graphics; its natural left to right swipe mechanics lets you quickly choose if your favorite characters can travel to their destinations—or not.

The gameplay is very simple, yet super fun. Players turn into Border Patrol agents to review each person and decide if they should travel. There are several restrictions. For instance, people traveling with animals, plants, or guns should not be let through security.

The player takes full control of the situation by making fast-thinking decisions. As soon as someone is allowed to travel, the border patrol agent stamps an approved message, and the character celebrates by doing a small victory dance. Some travelers are trying to carry illegal goods, it's up to you to decide if you'll let them go through or not 😉

👇 Play Border Patrol today and let us know what you think:

iOS 🔗Here

Android 🔗Here

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