Q&A with women at Homa: Niraja Shakya, Frontend Developer

Homa Games
April 8, 2021

This March 2021, we want to highlight the work of some of our colleagues at Homa as we celebrate Women’s History Month. It’s known that the tech sector and the gaming industry suffer from an overall lack of women, but we’re proud to count with many female professionals in our ranks!

As they are very busy, we asked them to answer a quick one-line Q&A to tell us more about their (very) specific professions in the gaming industry and about life at Homa. This time, we want to introduce you to Niraja Shakya, Frontend Developer at Homa Games.

1. What do you do at Homa?

I’m a Frontend Developer working on the platform that maintains different projects for Homa.

2. Why did you decide to get into the gaming industry?

It’s one of the fastest growing markets with different fragments of this industry to explore and great employment potential.

3. Which experiences from your professional background contribute to your success at Homa?

Programming and engineering experience.

4. Which hard and soft skills do you use on a daily basis?

- Javascript, Vuejs, CSS, version control (Git), unit testing, etc.

- Problem solving, team work.

5. What part does creativity play in your job? How do you unlock creativity?

It brings me the spark of curiosity, allowing me to broaden my thinking enough to aspire for something new.

6. What are the main challenges in your profession?

Keeping a good balance between long and short term requirements and making code as clean as possible.

7. How is it like to work at Homa?

Great co-workers, positive attitude, opportunity for growth and timely recognition.

8. What advice would you give to others wanting to work in the gaming industry?

It’s a wonderful opportunity and It's evolving in so many new ways.

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