The Top 7 mobile game developer conferences you need to attend in 2018

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March 5, 2021

Whether you’re an indie or experienced developer, conferences and mobile developing events are great places to network, meet publishers and get exposure for yourself as a developer. However, before attending any event or conference, you should ask yourself the question: do I need to attend this certain event and why? It's important to consider this as many gaming events and conferences can be used for different goals such as:

  • Meet other developers and exchange about new techniques, languages, game design, best practice regarding the stores, etc…
  • Meet monetisation partners to understand this part of the business
  • Meet publishers to get your games in the top charts
  • Meet user acquisition specialist to grow your user base
  • Find new tools, either for development, design, analytics, UA or monetization.

As a result of these different goals, knowing which conferences to attend can be a bit of a headache. Luckily whilst there are hundreds of gaming conferences every year, we’ve compiled a list of the best mobile games developer conferences you should be attending for the rest of 2018:

1. TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2018

Where: San Francisco

What’s it about: 5-7th of September

What’s it about? TC Disrupt is adamant on keeping things real when it comes to startups. A conference focused on exploring every element of tech startups. Forget solo-on stage interviews—the conference also has competitions, virtual hackathons, the chance to explore hundreds of new startups along with a bunch of other workshops. Whether you are a founder, investor, hacker, or tech leader, the conference is a great place to hone your skills and potentially help you find solutions in your next projects.

2. Pocket Gamers Connects

Where: Helsinki

When: 11th - 12th September

What’s it about? Pocket Gamers Connects is a conference focused primarily on indie game developers and is a great event to not only learn from guest speakers but also have the opportunity to pitch your game to prospective publishers. The events include “The Big Indie Pitch” alongside a speed dating style event, where you’ll have the chance to meet with multiple game publishers in a short time and showcase your studio or game. With 120+ guest speakers and over 40+ countries represented, it’s one event not to miss as an indie game developer.

3. Adjust Mobile Spree

Where: San Francisco

When: 11th October 2018

What’s it about? In its third year of operation, Adjust Mobile Spree in San Francisco is a great event to attend if you want to gain insight into the mobile market—particularly on user acquisition, monetisation and marketing efforts. Without booths and sponsors, the event leaders drive a more focused approach on personal content by providing workshops, keynotes, and panels that aim to discuss real solutions for mobile marketing challenges today.

4. Games Forum

Where: Seattle

When: 23 - 24th October

What’s it about? This two day conference is aimed primarily at game developers, hoping to bring together senior execs, influential managers and independent developers to help support cross platform game developers. It will do this by featuring hundreds of speakers including leading developers, publishers, brands, and service providers. You will also have the chance to meet many of these people through meeting areas and the Gamesforum Party.

5. G-star

Where: Busan, Korea

When: 15 - 17th November 2018

What’s it about? G-Star is the largest global games exhibition held in Korea and features some of the world’s leading games and industry professionals presenting in one place. The event attracts developers of all platforms from mobile, to VR, video, online, PC, console indie, or board and arcade gaming. Along with key speakers, the event is a hotspot to meet and network with the most up to date gaming community and gain exposure for your upcoming game.

6. Mobile One

Where: Paris, France

When: 14-15th November 2018

What’s it about? Mobile One is a conference focused on, as its name suggest, everything mobile. The 2 day conference gives you the chance as an indie developer to meet the European Mobile community, while exploring all topics surrounding mobile software and marketing—in particular monetisation, marketing, and design.

7. App Promotion Summit Berlin

Where: Berlin, Germany

When: 6th December

What’s it about? This one-day event is one in a series of events held globally to help mobile developers in the growth of their mobile applications. If you’re an indie developer, then you’ll want to head to this event if wanting to learn more about how to start and maintain a strong user base, with key speakers focusing on topics around user acquisition and marketing more so than developing.

So there you have it—our top 7 conferences we recommend you attending this year. Homa Games will also be attending a portion of these conferences over the coming months. For prospective developers who are wanting to grow more in their skills, we may be able to help provide tickets to certain events.

If any of these events caught your interest, get in touch with us today at to learn more about how we can help to get you there! And if you're already attending, make sure to book meetings in advance, but keep some room for spontaneous encounters.

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