Who we are

Game artists, developers, analysts, data scientists, change makers... We are all of those and none of them. Natural entrepreneurs, hackers, explorers, we are set on creating our very own model.

We are a talent company.

We are bringing the best talents on board to create an elite team of passionate players. We understand that in order to win, we need to play together, care for each other, work hard, and have fun.

Our values are the back bones of everything we do and the connection of our team. Ambition, Curiosity, Humility.


A team of experts who’ve come together to do what they’re most passionate about- creating games people will enjoy. Homa’s co-founders share the same vision and, together, our goal is to bring top-level entertainment to millions of players using state of the art technology and our industry’s best practices.

Homa Games team
Homa Games team

Data and creativity
at our core

We are extremely data-driven and creative by staying ahead of trends and technologies. We are accountable for delivering on our commitments by building state of the art tech and executing at the highest level. Our team shares this vision and together we create original and high performing concepts.

Jams at Homagames

We organize Game Jams with top universities, worldwide developers, and internally. Those moments are special for us because they boost creativity and teamwork. We cherish those experiences. Join us to share those moments.

Christmas, Summer Parties, birthdays, etc.
Game Jams
The first IP hypercasual Game jam, Best Game dev game jam....
Internal Events
Pizza days, Homathons, Seminars, BBQs, etc.

Why I joined Homa

I was fiercely motivated to succeed by becoming no less than the industry's top experts; this energy was like a magnet pulling me towards Homa Games. The firm values of the team left no doubts I had found the right place to continue my career growth.
Lolita Suleimanova
Lead Marketing and Communications
Homa Games team
Idle Landmark Tycoon

Ready to join the adventure?

As an ever-growing and dynamic company, we are constantly looking for new talents.

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We are buidling up a fun-loving team of the best mobile game experts to entertain the world.

contact@homagames.com - Tel: +33 1 42 86 13 24
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