“Game Idea Generator” is Now Available Inside Homa Lab: AI Powered Innovation for Game Creators

Game idea generator
Published:27 Sep 2023Author:HomaRead Time:4 min read

We’re thrilled to announce that “Game Idea Generator”, our first Gen AI tool, is ready and working inside Homa Lab. Game creators can start generating an infinite number of ideas with built-in hit potential.

Coming up with game ideas is hard. But coming up with ideas that fit into the current market, tap into audiences, leverage data, and resonate with the current trends is art and science. And even with an idea in mind, defining the core mechanics and loops and finding reference images is often also complex and time-consuming.

With this in mind, and with the aim of addressing and solving the pain points game creators face when creating games, Homa created Game Idea Generator. It’s an AI-powered tool that uses the data pipeline in Homa’s tech platform to generate ideas that work within the meta of the current play stores and the trends that are being successful at a specific moment. This tool, which resulted from our first internal GenAI Hackathon, is now available for all Homa Lab users.

What makes the Game Idea Generator a game-changer for game creators?

  • Streamlined ideation process: long gone are the days of agonizing with creative processes. Game Idea Generator allows to automate mass idea generation providing multiple ideas based on different starting points and prompts.
  • Data-backed ideas: take advantage of Homa Lab's data analytics pipeline to uncover ideas with an innate potential for success. The tool is fueled by actual market trends and proven previous successes, giving game concepts a head-start toward greatness.
  • Define and refine your vision: Even if you already have a brilliant idea in mind, Game Idea Generator will help you define and flesh it out further, providing reference images for better understanding.
  • Trending Genres and Themes: Stay ahead of the curve and discover emerging genres, mechanics, and themes that are worth exploring in your next masterpiece.

So, what exactly is the Game Idea Generator, and how does it work its magic?

Think of the Game Idea Generator as your personal brainstorming companion, driven by the brilliance of artificial intelligence. Whether you want to create a game idea from scratch or build upon existing core loops, mechanics, or themes, this tool has got your back.

The Process Unraveled:

1. Setting the prompt: It all begins by setting the stage. Options here are as many depending on how inspired you are and the level of clarity you have on what you expect you get.

  • Generate Idea: Ask for a brand new idea or something that resonates with an existing game, genre, or theme.
  • Select game: Select a game that you like and get an idea inspired by it.
  • Surprise me: If you don’t have anything specific in mind, just let our Game Idea Generator surprise you with data-backed ideas.
Generate ideas with game idea generator by Homa

2. AI-Powered Magic: Watch as the Game Idea Generator springs into action, leveraging the vast wealth of data stored in Homa Lab's tech platform. Thanks to the Market Watcher and the wide variety of games we have tested and built on the platform, we ensure that the output ideas are aligned with real-time market trends and player preferences at any time. Also, ideas are tailored to capture players' attention and stand out in the highly competitive mobile gaming market.

Leverage market data to generate game ideas
Analyze market data to find marketable ideas

3. The Ultimate Result: Brace yourself for the grand reveal - an extensive and detailed game concept.

Generate game ideas within minutes

4. Reference images to level up: in addition to the benchmark of most popular and successful genres, themes and mechanics, and creating a comprehensive idea, the tool offers reference images to support the concept provided. This allows developers to really envision how to make this idea come true.

Find visual references for game concepts faster

5. Infinite Possibilities: Thanks to the magic of randomness and constant data updates, every user gets a wide variety of idea variations that align perfectly with existing gaming trends.

Take your ideation process to the next level with AI-powered Game Idea Generator!

  1. Head to Homa Lab
  2. Sign in (or create your account if you don’t already have one)
  3. Witness Game Idea Generator in action.
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Guessing Game Over

Start building games with data, insight and tested hit potential built right in.