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By combining data and expertise to superpower creativity, we’re making better games possible and more hits probable. It’s a full on game changer for game makers.

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Greatest Hits To Date

Sky RollerWith Top Chop
Aquarium LandWith Turquoise Games
Z DefenseWith Yorf Studio
Cube Blast JourneyWith Puzzle Loft
FarmLandWith LolTap
Monster EggWith Borna Tech
Nerf Epic PranksWith Kadka
MinesweeperWith Hyperlite
Investment RunWith Marmau
Ground DiggerWith Hi Games
Chess StarsWith Turbo Labz
Merge MasterWith Fusee

From Customers
to partners

We help mobile gaming’s major players make major games, plural. We’re not an off-the-shelf and out-the-door type of outfit. We’re partners building an armada of partnerships. Here are a few success stories we love to tell.

How we get your game in lights

Test your idea

There’s no reward in building a game no one will download or play. With Homa, you’ll have access to all the latest trends, niches and statistics you need to make sure you’re building games billions will play.

Send a prototype

Send a prototype our way and one of our Publishing Managers will be in touch to talk about how we can help, one-to-one.

Build a game

With our SDK you can start iterating immediately to perfect your game by every metric, from cost of acquisition to retention to session times. You’ll also get hot-off-the-press insights from our Market Intelligence team.

Launch a hit

Once everything is running smoothly, we’ll push it out into the world using the right channels at the right time to maximize impact and land at the top of the charts, where the real money is.

Our Team

People you'll meet along the way.

In addition to having the data needed to supercharge your creativity, you’ll be working alongside a group of experts who want your game to succeed as much as you do.

Publishing Manager

to help you to ideate, improve, and test your game.

Creative Ads Expert

to increase User Acquisition with creative Ad campaigns based on the latest trends.

Game Designer

to provide guidance on how to improve gameplay and mechanics.

UA And Monetization Manager

to monetize your game and boost retention by putting our trusted ad partners’ technology to good use.

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Build a brand, then make a game out of it.

Good characters shouldn't be confined to a single game or two. That's why we're building an interconnected universe where your characters can have a life of their own – increasing your visibility and creating new revenue streams from your intellectual property

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One hit is good, Multiple is the goal.

There’s no secret to success, just a winning formula. So why stop at one?