Homa and 8SEC Join Forces to Accelerate Hybridcasual Growth

Homa and 8SEC - accelerating the hybrdicasual growth
Published:05 Jul 2023Author:HomaRead Time:2 min read
  • Homa and 8SEC collaborate to enhance and launch Merge Army, an upcoming hybridcasual mobile game that will be released in September.
  • Homa's data-driven publishing expertise and tech tools, and 8SEC's exceptional development skills complement each other, propelling the growth and evolution of the hybridcasual space.
  • As pioneers in the hybridcasual genre, this strategic partnership reinforces both companies' leadership positions in this landscape.

Homa is proud to announce its strategic partnership with 8SEC, a pioneering game studio in the hybridcasual space renowned for creating innovative gaming experiences. This collaboration represents a significant milestone in the mobile gaming industry as we join forces to accelerate the growth and advancement of this rising genre. By leveraging our expertise and shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of gaming, we aim to elevate the hybridcasual space to new heights, benefiting players and the industry as a whole.

The hybridcasual genre has shown incredible growth over the last few years. According to the Hybridcasual Games Playbook by Homa and Sensor Tower, 2022 hybridcasual games gathered over 5 billion downloads, a 3% increase from 2021. Also, revenue in the genre has almost doubled over the last two years as developers have mastered the balance between monetization and player experience. Undoubtedly, game developers should dive into this genre with advantages such as more engaged players, more impactful advertisements, and reasonable production costs.

Aware of this context, 8SEC and Homa will work together to enhance and launch Merge Army, an eagerly anticipated hybridcasual game set for release in September.

Within this strategic partnership, Homa's contribution will focus on refining the game's core loop, developing a meaningful meta layer of progression, and creating an efficient economy that delivers a customized and engaging player experience with maximum value. Homa will also provide valuable support in content development, user acquisition, and ad monetization.

Olivier Le BasCo-Founder and CRO at Homa

We're super thrilled to be joining forces with an experienced hybridcasual studio such as 8SEC to launch yet another game with the built-in potential to become a hit. At Homa, we're strengthening our hybridcasual division, and we will continue our efforts to provide the best expertise and tools inside Homa Lab to help studios build the strongest hybridcasual games on the market.

Meanwhile, 8SEC has gained widespread recognition in the hybridcasual genre for designing fun and innovative games played by millions worldwide, such as Hero Squad, Idle Army, and

Louis GiraudCo-Founder and CEO at 8SEC

We're confident that bringing together 8SEC's expertise in game development and Homa's knowledge in hybridcasual and publishing capabilities, the results will be amazing. And we're looking forward to it.

Discover the full potential of Homa's publishing capabilities and our tech data-driven platform Homa Lab. Stay tuned for the release of Merge Army, and don’t hesitate to explore the impressive game portfolio of 8SEC.

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