Homa empowers mobile game developers to scale their games to consoles

Homa empowers developers to scale their mobile games to consoles
Published:19 Oct 2023Author:HomaRead Time:2 min read

Homa is empowering mobile game developers to scale their games to consoles. This initiative opens up a world of opportunities for game creators providing them access to a new market of players and the potential for exponential growth.

Homa released a total of 6 games on Nintendo Switch: Aquarium Land, Farmland, Merge Master, Zombie Raft, Zombie Escape, and Zombie Defense.

In addition, Homa dives into other powerful consoles with the mobile hit Aquarium already available on PlayStation, and Xbox. Steam and Steam Deck will follow soon. Developed by Turquoise Games and published by Homa, Aquarium Land has already amassed over 40 million downloads on mobile.

"This initiative marks a new milestone in our mission to empower game developers to create hits using the Homa platform. Aquarium Land, a game developed by our long-standing partner Turquoise, is the first game to successfully go through our distribution machine, and there’s more to come", explains Olivier Le Bas, Co-founder and CRO at Homa.

Olivier Le BasCo-founder & CRO at Homa

We are thrilled to offer our hundreds of partner studios a platform-agnostic distribution strategy, giving them the chance to reach new audiences, such as those on the Nintendo Switch.

"We are extremely excited and proud to have Aquarium Land available on so many powerful gaming platforms. We never thought this would be possible, and everyone on our team is truly grateful to Homa for their support throughout the journey - from helping us enhance our game for mobile devices to giving us the opportunity to play across multiple platforms and enjoy a delightful experience in each of them", explains Kaveh Najafy from Turquoise Game.

Kaveh NajafyTurquoise Game Studio

It's definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Expanding a game beyond mobile undoubtedly opens up new opportunities such as access to a wider audience and additional sources of revenue. According to the “PC & Console Gaming Report 2023” by Newzoo, 2 out of 3 gamers played on a PC and/or console in the 6 months prior to the study. The report also suggests that 40% of PC/console gamers are core gamers, who dedicate more time and money to games.

Homa, in collaboration with QubicGames, handles the game porting process, ensuring that the game is adapted to meet the requirements of each platform with optimal performance, while also providing valuable insights, support, and resources to their partner studios. This allows developers to focus on creating engaging and immersive gaming experiences.

This achievement marks the beginning of Homa's visionary approach to expanding into consoles.

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