Homa is doubling down on the Hybridcasual division to boost engagement & revenue for games

Published:05 Jan 2023Author:HomaRead Time:3 min read

We are strengthening the Hybridcasual division to provide game creators with more expertise and tech to build successful Hybridcasual games.

Homa's hybridcasual division opened a year ago, has published four chart-topping titles since then, and has seen a 700x increase in hybridcasual downloads in a year. Today, we are doubling down on the department to bring more experts and tailored tech to game creators to boost engagement & revenues for their games. In addition, the team is launching several initiatives designed to solidify further our position as a leader in the hybridcasual gaming market, such as boosting IAP integration, diversifying the hybridcasual portfolio, and implementing technology to master user acquisition intelligently.

Arthur Mallet, Head of Publishing, says: “Our ambition at Homa is to combine our successful history of creating highly marketable games, with powerful product features and systems that increase player engagement, retention, and monetization. To achieve this, we are continually investing to provide the best expertise and tools to help studios build the strongest hybridcasual games on the market.”

Homa's dedicated Hybridcasual team provides extensive support along the game development journey. From ideation, the division leads the hybrid product strategy and provides market insights to guide towards more impactful concepts and features. Moreover, hybrid-specialized publishing managers give detailed analysis along all of the verticals of the game genre. Game designers are also there to help support promising prototypes.

The division successfully published Aquarium land earlier in 2022. Homa has decided to tackle the IAP strategy for the title early on. The publishing manager and the studio worked in synergy with the game loop to reach IAP's best practices, which brought IAP to 25% of the revenue. Moreover, the economy designer tested over five economies, which brought a 15% uplift to ad LTV. Plus, the game designer redirected the game by introducing idle features which increased the retention on days 1 & 3. ‍The team is still working on the game, delivering features at scale to double IAP LTV over the following months. Overall, Homa's expertise and Homa lab capabilities helped to boost the LTV for the game by 17% in two months.

Homa is continuing to strengthen its tech stack for game creators interested in developing hybridcasual games. Firstly, by focusing our tools on revenue maximization and mastering IAPs. We have designed the IAP guidelines, best practices, and templates to help enable faster content roll-out and effortless IAP integration. Homa Lab will also provide the possibility to integrate interoperable game assets to diversify gamers' experience and let developers focus on the game rather than the tech.

Overall, Homa's hybridcasual division supports hybridization of games from ideation to launch by leveraging team’s expertise and Homa Lab’s new features. With the opportunity to submit their ideas and work with Homa's experienced team, game creators have the chance to turn their concepts into successful hybridcasual hits.

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