Introducing our new brand: you are now entering Homa

Published:04 Oct 2022Author:HomaRead Time:3 min read

Before Homa, making a hit game was blood, sweat and luck. Now, it’s more like step one, step two, step three.

You used to know us as Homa Games - one of the world’s leading platforms for creating and publishing mobile games. Today, we become “Homa” and change our visual identity to better reflect our ambition to be the cheat code supercharging developers’ fortunes.

Since its creation in 2018 by Daniel Nathan and Olivier Le Bas, Homa raised 65M$ a year ago and has continued the expansion. We grew the team to over 160 humans from 34 countries and published more than 80 games, reaching more than 1 billion game downloads.

“In the past 4 years, we have focused our energy on building top-notch tech products and services to empower developers. We needed to create a brand that would truly reflect the unique value we bring to developers around the globe and how we make a difference in the industry," explains Olivier Le Bas, co-founder of Homa.

Our Brand Story

The odds of creating a hit app are only getting tougher. Faster trends. Better copycats. Fewer hours. That’s where Homa comes in. We provide answers with the cheat code every developer wished they had. From ideation to monetization, we shape their work with a constant flow of data that surfaces what’s clicking and what’s not. Simplified decisions. Time saved. Supercharged output.

We built this system to put the odds in a developer’s favor. A long-term commitment to honing their work, because our success depends on theirs.

So give up the guesswork, and stop getting played by a game of chance. It’s time to smash the odds.

Homa’s new brand idea
Homa helps developers tp

New look, new logo

The new brand identity inspires a mature, disciplined approach that gives developers’ creativity more bite.

"It takes much more than bright colors and catchy messaging to create a runaway hit. In fact, the more fun you want something to be, the more rigor you have to put in. That is why everything we do at Homa is backed up by data and serious intelligence - we wanted our brand to reflect our creativity and discipline.” - Brice Vinocour, VP of Marketing & Communications.

Our new logo was constructed using a grid system to look like it is made by an algorithm, with perfectly symmetrical and precise proportions.

A logo built on a grid - looking like it has been made from an algorithm

Our secondary logo is a stacked version of our primary logo. It has maximum efficiency in tighter or square spaces.

Homa stacked logo: perfect square

Our tagline summarizes with 3 words our new brand platform: Game the system. By upping the odds with data-backed creativity, Homa is the cheat code supercharging developers’ fortunes.

Homa’s new tagline: Game the system

The new color palette allows Homa to stand out visually in the industry, with a prominent pink which offers a great balance of techy and creative.

Homa’s new color palette: pink is the new green

The idea of data-backed creativity is also expressed visually by using symmetrical grids that bring structure to creativity, paired with hyper-imaginative imagery representing the creative potential of developers.

Grids combined with the hyper-imaginative backgrounds to illustrate the techyness and creativity

Are you ready to game the system?

There’s luck, or there’s Homa.

Homa’s new branding on a page
Character Test
Guessing Game Over

Start building games with data, insight and tested hit potential built right in.