Homa readies web3 tech for game creators and players, community skyrockets

Published:10 Nov 2022Author:HomaRead Time:3 min read
  • We are adding web3 tools to the tech stack, enabling game creators to provide new experiences to players and leverage their versions of Homa's characters across the different games.

  • Our community around the characters has skyrocketed on social media over the last few weeks to become one of the world's top communities of this kind.

  • Homa rewards the community with free collectibles of Valentine, the game character with an enormous fanbase on TikTok and Twitter.

  • These collectibles will open a world for the players where they will enjoy new gaming experiences and port Valentine in every one of them.

Building on Homa tech, which has empowered more than 1000 game creators, we are preparing the release of the web3 tools suite, allowing developers to leverage our thriving community and create new engaging gaming experiences.

Over the past few weeks, we've seen impressive organic growth of the community on social media (multiplied by seven on their main channels) and unprecedented engagement rates, confirming the gaming community's interest in our characters. Plus, we will allow players to own their characters, develop special features, use them across the different game experiences, and have the possibility to transfer ownership to other players.

This is a great opportunity for game creators, as they will have a chance to expand their reach into this community by launching games that feature interoperable game assets. Focusing on the game rather than the tech, developers will create even more new experiences with the Homa Gang's characters.

The first collectible we are issuing will be Valentine, the female character from the 180 million downloads hit SkyRoller. She has become the most prominent and influential female game character on TikTok with 256k followers, driving a community of fans following her adventures and creating abundant user-generated content based on the character, such as illustrations, split videos, or cosplay.

We will allocate 7000 Valentine collectibles for free because we believe building games and playing them should be accessible to anyone.

The specifics of the collectible issuance are the following:

  • Date: November 17th, 2022
  • Price: Free (gas fee only)
  • Supply: 7000
  • Protocol: Ethereum

Fabric VC Partner Max Mersch adds: "Homa is a powerhouse of scalable mobile game development, with over 1B downloads. The Homa engine has enabled developers and studios to produce hit games with a data-driven toolbox focused on optimizing core game loops and monetization. Having worked with Sorare, Decentraland, and Axie Infinity, we are convinced that introducing digital assets into mobile games is the next major evolution that will create entire virtual economies and bring the first billion users to Web3."

"The Homa team has already proven that they are building a fast-growing and sustainable business. They aren't adding web3 for the sake of it but to keep expanding the technology platform they offer to game developers. The focus remains the same: helping creators author commercial hits and players enjoy bigger and bigger experiences. The proof is already in the giant, passionate community they have grown in record time", says Jonathan Userovici, Partner at Headline, the VC fund that led the seed round of Homa and Sorare.

Head to our Discord and Twitter account to learn more about Valentine's collection and upcoming web3 projects.

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