Meet the Team: From Insights to Actionable Strategies with the Product Strategy Team

Meet the Product Strategy team at Homa
Published:14 Mar 2024Author:HomaRead Time:3 min read

The product strategy team at Homa is rapidly expanding and strengthening, particularly with the recent appointment of Rob Whitehead (ex-Scopely and Carry1st) as Product Strategy Director, and under the leadership of Henry Lowenfels, President and CBO at Homa. These two professionals bring over a decade of experience and a solid track record in the gaming industry, having contributed significantly at Scopely, Carry1st, and OneTeam Partners.

Data-Driven Approach to All Decision Making

The Product Strategy team's mission is to turn market intelligence and player insights into actionable game development strategies. Through the comprehensive analysis of market trends and industry best practices, combined with the data and insights coming from Homa Lab, the product strategy team identifies challenges and opportunities for the games providing developers with ad-hoc guidance on every concept being made.

But that’s not all. The product strategy group’s involvement in crucial decision-making processes in the company extends beyond game development. The team plays a key role in defining the overall business strategy for the company, supporting corporate development, and managing the product portfolio effectively.

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Ad-hoc Support for Game Creators

The product strategy team at Homa regularly undertakes extensive research on various aspects of game development, such as mechanics, systems, monetization strategies, and genres, transforming this data into actionable insights that can refine existing games or inspire new ones with a higher chance of success. These insights are compiled into reports and market analyses that help Homa’s internal teams and partner studios and developers stay up-to-date and make well-informed decisions when building new games.

This method provides insights into what drives player engagement and game profitability. It's all about derisking the product portfolio and increasing the likelihood of success with game development frameworks; making the whole process more efficient and minimizing the risk.

Rob WhiteheadProduct Strategy Director at Homa

The mobile gaming landscape demands more than just motion; it requires purposeful direction. Understanding this distinction is crucial. In a realm where competition is fierce and everyone is moving fast, a clear direction guided by well-defined strategies and objectives is not just advantageous—it's essential for survival and success.

The ability to anticipate market trends, player preferences, successful genres, and effective monetization strategies can significantly influence a game's success and profitability.

Working closely with the product managers, designers, and publishing team, the product strategy team plays a pivotal role in setting the strategic direction for each game.

Empowering the game development journey with Homa

As the mobile gaming landscape evolves, Homa offers game creators unparalleled access to insights, strategies, and support from our expert product strategy team. Our mission is to empower developers with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complexities of game creation, ensuring their games resonate with players and set new benchmarks in the industry. All of this with powered by Homa Lab, the centralized tech platform that enables us to identify extremely marketable concepts and publish them at scale.

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