Meet the team: The Vital Role of Game Data Analysts in a Successful Gaming Portfolio

Meet the Data team at Homa
Published:06 May 2024Author:HomaRead Time:3 min read

Meet the Data Team through a chat with Jules, Game Data Analyst in the team.

In the dynamic landscape of mobile gaming, success relies on the collaborative efforts of diverse experts, a strong product strategy, and a data-powered approach.

The data team plays a crucial role in Homa’s success. Composed by over 20 data engineers, data analysts, and data scientists, the team has a wide scope, influencing various areas of the organization. They are dedicated to advancing our data capabilities and empowering our data platform -Homa Lab-, crafting ML-driven products, and providing comprehensive analytics to steer our game portfolio’s direction.


The Vital Role of Game Data Analysts at Homa

In this article, we will focus on the vital role of Game Data Analysts and their influence and impact on working closely with Game Development Squads. At Homa, these squads are composed of Publishing Managers, Creative Managers, Growth Managers, and Game Developers, often from external studios, working together to guide each game to success.

Thanks to a sophisticated, reliable, and scalable data architecture, Game Data Analysts at Homa are perfectly positioned to focus on delivering valuable and data-driven insights to the Game Squad. This setup eliminates the need for these specialists to engage in time-consuming data extraction and manipulation, thereby accelerating the decision-making process.

Leveraging detailed player behavior data alongside deep industry insights, our analysts are instrumental in optimizing game dynamics. They provide strategic recommendations that influence game economy, difficulty levels, and monetization tactics. In addition, during critical phases of iterative development and refinement, they conduct and analyze A/B tests to ensure that all adjustments lead to meaningful improvements and align with the game's strategic objectives and player expectations.

JulesGame Data Analyst at Homa

The data processed in our data platform allows us to fine-tune each game’s design and features to match player preferences, leading to higher engagement rates, longer play sessions and, most importantly, significant increases in long term LTV.

Some of the recent achievements from this data-centered approach include the successful re-work of the difficulty balancing on Hole and Fill, resulting in a 9% LTV uplift; or the definition of the evolution of Ad pressure in various games, including Weapon Master, achieving up to 20% LTV uplift.

Advanced Analytics Toolkit for Data Analysts

Homa offers data specialists the unique opportunity to be part of a tech-forward environment, where innovation and data are at the core of everything we do. Our proprietary tech platform, Homa Lab, stands at the forefront of this, offering unparalleled A/B testing capabilities. This enables our data team not only to conduct comprehensive analyses and develop insights but also to seamlessly execute tests within the platform, thus enhancing their ability to deliver data-driven recommendations with confidence.

JulesGame Data Analyst at Homa

Homa Lab allows us full flexibility on anything we want to test. We can personally define the logic behind our parameters for A/B testing, ensuring full control of what we want to achieve. This allows us to generate segments for our users and maximize the user experience. In addition, we have easy access to documentation on event tracking, the current games in our portfolio, and the performances in creative testing. All in one place.

But that’s not all. Our data professionals have access to an unparalleled tech stack including cutting-edge tools such as AWS Redshift, Python, Tableau, Metabase, Deepnote, GitHub or GitHub Copilot, which empowers them to explore data in ways that go beyond conventional boundaries.

Why join the Data team?

Being part of the data team at Homa means being part of a culture that values data-driven insights and encourages continuous learning and experimentation, in a work environment driven by motivation.

JulesGame Data Analyst at Homa

I’m surrounded by pragmatic team members who push each other towards finding innovative solutions. We each take ownership and accountability for the games we work on and we’re constantly looking for new opportunities to generate uplifts. It’s challenging, rewarding, and inspiring.

If you’re a mobile gaming enthusiast with outstanding analytical skills and experience in Data Analysis in the gaming industry, we want to hear from you. Check out the open roles in Homa’s Data team and embark on a journey where your creativity and expertise are valued, and your work has a real impact.

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