We’re bringing Sorare’s Legend Cards into mobile gaming

Published:18 Jan 2022Author:HomaRead Time:4 min read

If you’re reading this blog, you probably already know the big news: HOMAJAM v.4 is coming! But this is not your regular game jam, since on this occasion we’re partnering with football fantasy game and NFT pioneer Sorare to bring you the most amazing assets to create new games!

Our next jam, happening in February 2022, will be dedicated to Sorare’s collectible Legend Cards with the goal of bringing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) closer to the mobile gaming world. One of the fastest-growing sectors nowadays, NFTs are cryptographically unique tokens that are linked to digital content that includes proof of ownership. They are used in many ways such as artwork, digital collectibles, utilities, and items in video games.

Sorare’s fantasy football

Sorare is building a single product that combines football, NFTs, and gaming, and you can do it as well. Through blockchain digital collectibles and its global fantasy football, the company is on a mission to become ‘the game within the game’. Through their platform, Sorare’s players are able to acquire cards representing their favorite football players, and then build strategies, create lineups, and earn points based on the players’ real-life performances.

But that’s not all, since Sorare has recently signed amazing NFT partnerships to bring over 50 of the biggest legends in football to the game, featuring unforgettable players like Maradona, Platini, and Cruyff. These 50 new collectible Legend Cards will be available to jam participants who will be able to use them as characters for their games and will be challenged to find the most engaging ways of doing so, for a chance to win unique packs of Sorare cards.

This is possible because Sorare’s cards are portable to other experiences as well. There’s already a bunch of products that have emerged, from soccer games to tools to become better at Sorare. What about using a Sorare NFT as an avatar for another gaming experience? This could be possible in the near future.

But what if you don’t have any blockchain experience… or interest in football?

Let’s make it clear: No blockchain coding skill is required. All you have to do is to be able to integrate our Homa SDK to your game, in order to allow Sorare account owners to connect to the game. Sorare’s players may be the main audience for the games, but they’re not the only ones. Keep that in mind.

What’s important is the enjoyability of the game. We want to target Sorare players, but the game is aimed at the broader market. So if you don’t like football, that’s not a problem. There are no boundaries to creativity, you can develop the game as you prefer. It should not be necessarily tailored to football. What really matters is creating the most engaging game possible.

But keep in mind that you’ll be using Sorare’s Legend Cards, and the goal is to provide an exclusive experience to whoever owns one or more of them. In total there are 50 legends, and you’ll need to create and use specific assets for those players to build a mobile game integrating it all.

Sign me in!

Registrations are currently open until February 7, the day of the opening ceremony. As usual, we’ll bring you all the resources to succeed, from talks with experts in the field, to the best platform to test your submissions, HomaLab. Be sure to sign in before the deadline and join the Discord server to stay up-to-date with the agenda.

So let’s talk prizes: The game reaching the required metrics will earn the Grand Prix that consists of 1 Unique, 2 Super Rare, 4 Rare, and 20 Limited cards, and will get access to attractive publishing opportunities with Homa Games. Three other prizes are guaranteed for submissions presenting the best CPI, playtime, and retention metrics, consisting in packs of 1 Super Rare, 2 Rare, and 10 Limited Cards for each of winners. In addition, all participants will receive a special reward that will be shortly announced.

Visit the official website and contact us on Discord if you have any doubts. See you there!

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