Meet the Team: The Integral Role of Game Developers in the Live Games Team

Published:29 Dec 2023Author:HomaRead Time:3 min read

Meet the Live Games Team through a chat with Emma and Thomas, game developers on the team.

At Homa, the Live Games Team plays a crucial role in the sustained success of our organization, introducing new features and content to our live games portfolio.

This team is organized into "cells," composed of product managers, developers, and artists. Each cell is dedicated to a specific game, guaranteeing focus over a significant time and supported by other specialists including game designers, game economy experts, and UI artists.

The Strategic Role of Developers in the Live Games Team

Developers are key people for the Live Team bringing to reality the product vision through modular features using Unity and in-house tools such as Homa Belly, our proprietary SDK.

As Emma explains, "Homa’s SDK is a great tool that enables us to easily do A/B testing, manage IAPs, and implement advertising, among others. We have access to a large set of in-house packages to seamlessly integrate meta-features into games, such as Daily Rewards, Mission System, etc. Additionally, we use third-party packages and tools like DOTween, PlayFab or even Copilot AI to help us work"

Moreover, with Homa Lab, an in-house data-tech solution, development work is simplified with custom and easy-to-implement parameters and analytics helping the team to conduct A/B testing and understand what’s happening in the games.

Creating Games that People Play

Homa has a diverse games portfolio allowing developers to choose which projects to work on. Recently, the team has achieved a lot on Attack Hole where they played a key role by drastically increasing the average FPS, improving the crash rate, and reducing loading time with 3D asset optimization. This led to a better and smoother version of the game for millions of players to play!

"The most gratifying aspect of our work is developing content that impacts players and witnessing firsthand its performance on the game," shares Thomas. “We don't only work on refining existing game codes but we also introduce new features and content to the games, offering fresh experiences to players. And this, is the best part”.

Why Join the Live Game Teams?

At our core, we are gamers. Everyone is encouraged to bring their vision and passion to the table. The team is not just executing tasks; they are part of the thinking and product experiences that stand the test of time.

Ready to join our Live Games Team? Apply here and embark on a journey where your creativity and expertise are valued, and your work has a real impact.

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